Restore Our Nation is a groundswell in South Africa, to take our ransomed hearts back from the kingdom of darkness. To create a country where the HERO within is rekindled in everyone. To restore the divine purpose of this nation.



The values we treasure and that direct our actions: We see a South Africa where family values of respect are fully functioning and provide boundaries and a source of healing and belonging. We see a South Africa where men fight for the beauty in their lives, where she is protected and upheld as captivating, beautiful and as mothers to our nation. We believe in the restoration of the boundaries that cultivate respect of all and everybody, to own the responsibility for our actions and our national destiny; to safeguard our safety in order to act and live without fear; and to live abundantly. We see a South Africa where traditional leaders and elders act with authority, wisdom and understanding in their communities.



The project streams we endeavour.

  • We see a South Africa where the warrior heart of the nation is restored during physical education sessions at all schools. Where boys are taught the warrior heart and skills.
  • We see a singing nation where folk songs are sung across all languages and cultures, flags of all sorts are waved to celebrate our past and to proclaim the destiny of our nation in diversity.
  • We see a South Africa where high quality fortified meal mixes and bread of solid and high quality are sold at a reasonable price and ten percent of the profits is distributed by elders into the community, and celebrated as bread and wine offerings.
  • We see a South Africa where fathers teach their sons crafts and craftsmanship and the identity of generations is formed.
  • We see a South Africa where it is compulsory for everyone studying at further education institutions, colleges and universities to be be grounded free of charge in their first year in history, art, and non-humanist philosophy.