A Singing and Celebrating Nation with Flags and Songs. Frequently Recite our Unifying Credo:

I am a South African and I…

We see a singing nation where folk songs are sung across all languages and cultures, flags of all sorts are waved to celebrate our past and to proclaim the destiny of our nation in all its diversity.

Where the battles of the past across our country’s history (Anglo-Zulu; Anglo-Boer, Boer-Zulu, Zulu-Xhosa) are commemorated in December each year leading up to the Day of Reconciliation, by the lighting of candles.
Where special South Africans in our history are portrayed, remembered and their stories told.
Where unique contributions from South Africa on the International platform are celebrated.
When everyone, young and old will stand at attention when the National Anthem is sung.
We agree on the ten statements that describe what it means to be a South African. It unties us over the boundaries that use to divide us and beyond what is required in the constitution And all stand to attention reciting: I am a South African and I take my responsibility to …

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