At school, and post-school apprenticeships and through further 
education a generation is initiated into mature personhood

We see a South Africa where the warrior heart of the nation is restored during physical education sessions at all schools. Where boys are taught the warrior heart and skills and the scourge of bullying comes is replaced with assertive respectfulness.

We see a South Africa where fathers teach their sons crafts and craftsmanship and the identity of generations is formed. This is done within the community or in its proximity.

We see a South Africa where it is compulsory for everyone studying at further education institutions, colleges and universities to be be grounded in their first year in history, art, and non-humanist philosophy.

We see a South Africa where men fight for the beauty in their lives, where she is protected and upheld as captivating, beautiful and as mothers to our nation.

How it works

  • Boys in particular are taught how to fend for themselves using their faculties of body, mind and spirit.
  • Colleges and craft-circles are created in communities where skills are transferred by the elderly to the next generation. These times of togetherness is coloured by wisdom work and trans-generational mentorship.
  • During the first year of further study,  world history, and the rise and fall of nations is studied. The enduring principles of national dignity is taught through action learning.
  • An appreciation of beauty and the aesthetic is cultivated through music and art.
  • Alongside the skills and endeavors involved in captivating the ultimate beauty is taught. The boundaries of sexual behaviours are taught: If you rape a minor or helpless elderly person you are castrated.
  • Exposure and stimulating of discourse on different worldviews is provided, and a non-humanist philosophical framework is provided to guide the formation of citizenship.

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