Community Leaders and Elders Dispense Justice & Mercy at the 
‘City Gates’ with Authority, Wisdom, and Understanding

We see a South Africa where traditional/community leaders and elders act with authority, wisdom and understanding in their communities, and act as the main catalysts for restoration. For the duration of their tenure, they are not political leaders nor members of any formal structure of local government.

These leaders are appointed through due process by their communities to serve it for two years. These elders exhibit the following characteristics as observed and testified to by their community. The Spirit of God rests on them:

  1. They have a spirit of wisdom and understanding;
  2. A spirit of counsel and understanding;
  3. A spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord;
  4. Their delight will be in the fear of the Lord;
  5. They will not judge what they see with their eyes;
  6. They will not execute justice by what they hear with their ears but they will judge the poor righteously and execute justice for the oppressed in the land;
  7. They will discipline with their words;
  8. They will kill the wicked with a command from their lips;
  9. Righteousness and faithfulness will we write on the belts they wear; and
  10. They will be known for their ability to get opposing parties and factions to live at peace with each other and making their communities a safe place for children to play on the streets (Is.11:1-6).

What they do:

  • Spend their time in their communities/ families, clans, neighbourhoods by visiting dwellings, houses, workplaces, and shops.
  • Are visible to their communities by frequenting public places to engage with the community.
  • Oversee the collection and distribution of the ten percent contributions made by shops to those in need of drink and food.
  • Visit the schools, colleges, universities in their communities to establish and partner in the education of the boys, and the teaching of art, history and non humanist philosophy and the centers/workplaces where fathers are teaching their sons and boys crafts and skills.

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