We Measure our National Restorative Progress with 
Short Term and Longer Term Local and Global Metrics
  • Every South African has a Daily Prayer Card to use in a preferred language.
  • One prototype in each municipality of good water management, and of food and drink distribution.
  • One execution/conviction per community per month and one prisoner set free per month and integrated into the community.
  • One school in every district implement warrior initiation program per year.
  • Three Universities implement art, history, non-humanist philosophy at first year.
  • One centre for skills transfer in every municipality – fathers to sons per quarter.
  • Flags and songs at three rugby and soccer derbies, one rugby test, one soccer international.
  • Tipping point for the movement with 5 million members/followers on Social Media.

Longer Term Local and Global Metrics (2017 – 2023)

  • Restore our Nation becomes integrated into Legislative, Governmental and Political systems.
  • Finalisation of a South African Credo: I am a South African, and I….
  • Vital statistics on murder & incidents mentioned decrease every six months, measured by communities.
  • Job creation by skills transfer through communities are visible.
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship index up from 2013 levels.
  • Corruption Index down
  • Community Health/Happiness Index
  • Service delivery by local government in communities improve visibly.
  • Gini coefficient improves from 2012 reported levels.
  • Visible change in prison population, and the subsequent savings is allocated for shelters and places of safety.

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