Protected Water Resources; Fresh Water; Meal & Drink Offerings for 
All – Localised and Community Based Economic Restoration

We see a South Africa where our water resources are protected for all. Not only because of its scarcity in South Africa but also because of its significance as a spiritual metaphor steeped deeply into the spirituality of our continent. To allow the water from the Throne to fill us to the brink that we have an unquenching joy in attempting the impossible. Freshwater for all and a stream of Throne Water that carries our calling into the world. A sin against our water resources is regarded as an offence to the heart of the nation and criminally punishable.

High quality fortified meal mixes and bread of solid and high quality are sold at a reasonable price at every shop where Coca Cola is sold for everyone in the community to afford a helping.

Where ten percent of the daily takings are distributed by the elders into the community to the needy. The principles of a market economy is combined with a localised distribution ethos of grace, mercy, loving, kindness and accountability.

How it works:

  • Fortified mixes are sold through outlets at a minimum price – used with water to mix it
  • Solid bread baked locally with green energy, from high-quality unrefined maize and sold locally
  • Ten percent of the profit on these products is distributed by the elders to the needy in the community
  • The elders do this distribution at the shop (city gate) and is for that community
  • One Saturday per month is dedicated by each community to do agreed-upon community projects together

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